The vital need for synthetic organic chemistry within the pharmaceutical industry comes from the requirement to physically prepare all designed molecules to acquire key data to give the look-synthesis-data cycle, using the medicinal chemist in the center of the cycle. Synthesis specialists accelerate periodic medicinal chemistry innovation by quickly identifying and executing impactful synthetic methods and techniques to complete project goals, addressing the synthetic ease of access bottleneck that frequently plagues discovery efforts. At AbbVie, Discovery Synthesis Groups (DSGs) for example Centralized Organic Synthesis (COS) happen to be deployed as embedded people of medicinal chemistry teams, filling the space between discovery and process chemistry. COS chemists provide synthetic tools, scaffolds, and lead compounds to fuel the pipeline. Types of project contributions from neuroscience, cystic fibrosis, and virology illustrate the outcome from the DSG approach. Within the first 10 years of innovative science in search of excellence in synthesis, several advanced drug candidates, including ABBV-2222 (galicaftor) for cystic fibrosis and foslevodopa/foscarbidopa for Parkinson’s disease, emerged with key contributions from COS.